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Long Commute? 3 Questions To Solve The Daycare Near Work Vs. Home Dilemma

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Today, many working parents have long commutes between their workplace and home. While it might not have mattered much before, you now have a big decision regarding where your child's daycare should be located. Since this is a personal choice, there is no easy answer. However, these questions will help you assess your situation so that you find a daycare that fits your lifestyle while also providing an environment in which your child thrives.

Do You Work The Majority of the Week?

When you work the majority of the week, there are advantages to choosing daycares in your area that are close to your place of employment. Not only does this allow you to spend as much time as possible with your child, but it also lets you drop in on occasion for lunch if you prefer. For part-time work, however, you may find that having a center located near your home is more desirable. That way, you can still take them to daycare on days that you have off without traveling the full commute.

Are Backup Family Or Friends Available for Pick Up?

It is important to always be ready for an emergency pick up since young children get sick sometimes during the day. You may also encounter other challenges such as car problems, major traffic or a workplace emergency that causes you to run late for pick up. If you do not have someone who can also help with pickup times, then you should choose a center near enough to your work that a minor setback won't turn into a major inconvenience.

What Types of Options Are Available Near Both Places?

While figuring out the logistics of getting your child to and from daycare is important, what matters most is your general comfort with the program in which they are enrolled. Check out the daycare centers in your area, and search for ones that offer a well-rounded curriculum that meets your child's developmental needs. Often, parents discover that the choice is simple once they walk into a center that just feels right for their child.

Juggling work and parenting responsibilities is much easier once you find a daycare that provides you with a trustworthy staff and a program that offers the right types of support. While the location is important, you can find a happy the perfect center to care for your child by considering the lifestyle factors that influence your day along with your child's needs for age-appropriate stimulation.