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Three Types Of Child Care Options For Single Parents Living In Manhattan

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One of the most difficult things to handle as a single parent is child care. If you don't have parents or other relatives who can watch your child for you, then you will need to arrange for some sort child care during the day while you are at work. Luckily, because you live and work in Manhattan, you have a ton of options. There are private, group style child care centers, as well as city funded locations. Finally, if you have the money, you might also want to hire a personal nanny or au pair. Here's a brief overview of the different choices and why you might prefer one over the other.

Private Day Care Setup

If you have money to spend on a private day care center, then you have quite a lot of choices. There are all sorts of day care centers. Some of them are small and hosted in a persons own apartment, while others will be located at a dedicated space that is only for the day care service. There are day care centers that focus on music, while others focus on a second language development (so if you want your child to have a jump start learning Spanish, or French, you can choose one of these). If you do choose a day care center that is hosted in someones apartment, make sure to check that they are licensed with the city.

City Run Day Care Center

The city also has day care facilities that are held in school buildings and other public spaces. These are normally much more affordable than the private day centers. The only downside with city run day care centers is that they tend to have large "class" sizes, as well as a limited amount of extra curricular. So, if you are looking for a day care center that focuses on teaching classic music, or a foreign language, this is not the best idea. However, if you are on a tight budget, this is a fantastic choice to have.

Live In Nanny

If you happen to have a really well paying job, a big apartment with an extra room, and you also work lots of hours, then a live in nanny, or au pair, might be perfect. One of the great things about living in Manhattan is that you have exposure to lots of professional and highly skilled au pairs. Women from all over the world want to live in Manhattan, and as you know it's super expensive, so you won't have any trouble finding an au pair who has experience caring for children who is looking to work in the city. You will be responsible for paying for the au pair's room and board (and depending on the situation some form of salary). You can find an au pair by looking at a child care agency, such as The Larchmont Employment Agency, that specializes in au pair's who are looking for situations. You can refine the search to look for women who have a degree in child psychology, or even choose one who speaks a language you wish your child to learn.