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Is It Time To Enroll Your Child In Daycare?

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Grandparents play a special role in the lives of their grandchildren. Many grandparents even take care of their grandchildren while their parents are away at work. However, enrolling a child in daycare could be beneficial to both the grandparent and grandchild. If you are considering daycare for your child, here is what you need to know:

Why Daycare?

Your child undoubtedly has a sweet setup with his or her grandparents, but there are several benefits of switching to a daycare provider. One of the most beneficial reasons is that your child has a chance to interact with other children. The interactions will help your child to learn socialization skills and give him or her peers to play with that are in his or her age group.

Daycare also gives your child a chance to prepare for school. If your child is accustomed to being separated from his or her parents and grandparents throughout the day, he or she will adapt to the idea of going to school easier when it is time.

Most daycares have early education program services. Daycare could mean a major educational advantage for your child. The jumpstart could encourage your child's interest in learning and help him or her to be a more eager learner when it is time for school.

Most importantly, placing your child in daycare gives the grandparents a break. They will have time to do activities that fun and exciting for them. Your child being in daycare does not mean the relationship with his or her grandparents will be hurt. Grandma and Grandpa can drop off or pick up your child, visit the child in daycare, and have occasional sleepovers.

How Do You Transition Your Child to Daycare?

Since your child has been taken care of by his or her grandparents, going to daycare could spark separation anxiety for him or her. The feelings of anxiety and loss will disappear as your child gets used to daycare though.

You can help with the transition by developing a routine for your child. For instance, have him or her help pack a backpack for daycare every day. You can make it his or her job to take the backpack into class.

You also need to focus on being positive. If you look sad or upset when you drop off your child, he or she will pick up on this and mimic your mood. Keep it upbeat and make sure you let your child know you will be back at the end of the day to pick him or her up. 

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